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Friday, 31 December 2010

Welcome To 2011

   Happy new year 2011!
   Welcome to Two Thousands and Eleven, guys! It's my first post in this year. I guess so crowded out there. Fireworks everywhere. Sounds of trumpet fill the air. Everyone welcomes the new year. So many hopes and wishes that are expected to happen in this year. Always keep your positive energy along this year! Bring the positive atmosphere. Always. Burn the spirit! XD
   Welcome to rabbit year! (according to Chinese year)

My New Year Resolutions

   Actually, I don't wanna leave this year. You know, it has great numbers! It has '10' behind the '20'. Yeah, '10' is a great number for me. It's meaningful! And I DO have so many great events in 2010. So many surprises, so many great memories, so many loves, so many tears and laughs. And I really have a great year! Well, I'm so thankful to Allah SWT Who always gives me chances to breathe in this year. Nothing can be so worth, but this. He has given so many worth things that I can't mention, even remember one by one, because it's SO MANY! Nothing can break my belief to Allah SWT, I always miss and love HIM much, also His Prophet, Nabi Muhammad SAW. :)
   Also everyone who has filled my whole year with great moments in 2010, thank you very much! Without you all, my days wouldn't be great! *kisses and hugs for y'aall*
    And it's not good if I don't type down my 2011 resolutions. My 2010 resolutions are not fully completed. Just some points are completed. I don't want this thing happens again in 2011. And that's why, maybe I don't have so many things to be expected to happen in 2011. The most important is not how many resolutions you'll make for next new year, but how many things that you'll change, that you'll do for your better life next year. Change means making something new, something better than before. And I resolve to do something new and something different for next year. It's kind of hope, but we do the action, not just hope and resigned everything will be come true.
   And in 2011, I resolve :

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Random Part 1

   It's winter. (In USA or UK)
   And it's rainy. Exactly from where I wrote this post, Indonesia.

   Don't know why, I need a long time to write something. I mean something from my mind. Directly. Just like I wrote this post.
   Ha ha, sorry so random. Well, but that's true! I'm lack of inspirations nowadays. I don't know. Maybe because there's to many problems in my mind. But, I don't know what problems. Ck ck, funny.
   Well, yeah, it's almost new year. I gotta make my resolutions then. And I was inspired by Jason Mraz's Blog, Freshness Factor Five Thousand, in making new year resolution. Great!
   It's a random post. No theme, no meaning. Just wanna write it out from my mind.
   Oh God, I need I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N-S! (once more random. Sorry guys)
   Have a great holiday! ;)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

TERORISmasa 09/10

And this is the story about my lovely X grade class...
that is unforgetable...
X3, TERORISmasa...


   This is one of Taylor Swift's song in Speak Now album. And may I say, I DO LOVE THE LYRICS. It draws what my feeling was. Ha ha ha, sorry if I do it again. Enchanted, yeah, I was enchanted. Please check the lyrics out guys. ;)

Monday, 27 December 2010

How's My First Date ?

   We both are a couple. But honestly, we just sometimes pass the day together. We are never going somewhere else, except school zone or Indomaret in front of our school. Ha ha ha. :P
   We are a busy couple. He has his own duties and obligations in his extracurricular, and I have my own. Sometimes, our time is crash or sometimes our activities are alternate. Today, I have something to do. Tomorrow, he has something to do. The next day, I have something to do. Our time never meet each other. So pity, T.T. But alhamdulilah we can stand in this situation. And wish it would be longer. Amiin :)
   And that's why one day we planned to go somewhere, out of the school time.

Friday, 17 December 2010

This Is My Story Video

   One day, I got an email from EFN JEMBER (English First Nusantara). It's titled This Is My Story. I wondered what it was. So, I opened up my email and click a link. Well, suddenly there's new tab in my Safari Web Browser. The new tab became dark, because the background was black. And there was only year and loading line. My friend said it filled about our video in the future. Really? How can it be my future video? Then, after a long waiting, finally the video began.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My Favorite Lyrics Part 1

   Hi, long time no read my blog guys? Miss me? :D Ha ha, just kidding. Yeah, I'm back! And I still don't have any idea to be typed on my blog. And this time I'll post some music lyrics I like so much. What are they? Check it out!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

What I Had Dreamed About 101010

   Philosophy 10.10.10 for me is...
   10 : my birthday date
   10 : your birthday month
   10 : the year when we make a relationship commitment
   But that philosophy, even that date, absolutely won't be exist on my love history. Forever. It's not important for me anymore. Even if there's another special thing happen, It won't be as beautiful as what I've dreamed, it won't be as beautiful as that philosophy. Because I don't need you anymore. In my whole life. Because I wanna say GOODBYE to you. Yup, maybe some part of my heart will cry, but it really doesn't matter. It's much much much better for me. I MUST STOP ECHOING YOUR NAME inside. 

   Well, why should I post about this topic?

The Only Exception

   Well, for couples day, I've suffered a song that is title 'The Only Exception'. First time I heard this song from my friend's glee songs collection. At first, I like the refrain part. Then, I browsed the lyrics on internet. And from that, I knew that it's one of paramore's song. I downloaded the original song from the internet and I listened it. It sounds so aweeeesssooooomeee! I really love it! My deskmate also like it. Ha ha ha. Well, but she likes the glee version. The lyrics are so awesome too! And this time, I really wanna share you the lyrics of this song. Check it out!

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Story of Rehellia Pusvidanu Aridarusni

   Rehellia Pusvidanu Aridarusni is a brilliant name for me. Well, I never told you about this name, right? And what do you think at the first time when you look at this name? Can you imagine who does have this name? Is it a girl or a boy? Both of them is.... not correct! Rehellia is not a girl, even a boy. Rehellia is girls. Rehellia is a short name of four besties, a combination of four names.
   And how could this name be created? Well, actually I made this name. Ha ha. Now, I'm going to tell you how this name could be created.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dear, My Very First Boyfriend

  Well Sir David Wicaksono,
  I made it special for you. Hmm, it's the beginning, maybe I'll post others next time. But this time, I'll write what I'm thinking down to this post. And it's only for you. Maybe the words will look so hard to understand and soo too much, but these words I can only type for you. These words describe what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling.
  Before you read, please I suggest you to listen the words by your heart, do not listen by your ears because it has no sound to be heard, hehehe. Seriously, read it by your eyes and also listen it by your heart.
   What I typed on is what I really want to say to you.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Usable Thing

   I've just bought a new headset for my cellphone. It's absolutely bigger than the old one that is just an earphone, so I was so confused where I would place this stuff. If I only put it on the table, it would seem so mess. I walked around my own room, tried to find a good place to put my new headset. Then, I saw one of my old mouse doll...and I got a good idea. I put my old doll onto my table and wore the headset to it! Hahaha...well, if you wonder, you can see this picture.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


   Okay, long time no post on my blog. Anyone miss me? Haha. :P *still in confident mode.
   Well, I've been trying so hard to be more diligent to post my blog, but it's all about my time. Actually, I've been so busy since Freshman Orientation two months ago. But...okay okay. I'm not going to tell you about my activities. I'm going to tell you about my serious disease that I suffered around year 2009. But I guess I still suffer it though it has a little frequency. I named it as TROYISME.
   How could I name it as troyisme?

Friday, 25 June 2010

My Lovely Front Pages

   Honestly, I just wanna share this one. It's all what I really love to read when I open my binder. Haha, yeah I know it's soo unimportant. But, please check it out.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Rainbow Appearance

a beautiful big rainbow, isn't it?

   I've never seen rainbow since I was in 6th grade. It was just a small one, behind the clouds. But few days ago my neighbourhood was surprised by a beautiful big rainbow. It was so amazing, as you can see. It's such a rare nature appearance. That's why most people wouldn't waste their time to looking at, they also took this rare opportunity to took its picture.
   Then on last Friday, another rainbow appearance was appeared behind a big nimbus cloud on a sunny sky. These are the pictures.

   It was smaller than the first one, wasn't it? Yeah, and it was hiding too. My mom found it when she swept our house's terrace. She called me and asked me to hurry. I wouldn't waste this rare opportunity, so I took my phone and took some pictures. I think this rainbow looks like Paddle Pop Rainbow ice cream. Who agrees with me? :D
   Rainbow, one of the optical phenomena that is so colourful. It spans continuous spectrum of colours, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. So, how can this phenomena happen so rare? This is the explanation I got from some trusted sources.

The light is first refracted entering the surface of the raindrop, reflected off the back of the drop, and again refracted as it leaves the drop. The overall effect is that the incoming light is reflected back over a wide range of angles, with the most intense light at an angle of 40°–42°. The angle is independent of the size of the drop, but does depend on its refractive index. Seawater has a higher refractive index than rain water, so the radius of a 'rainbow' in sea spray is smaller than a true rainbow. This is visible to the naked eye by a misalignment of these bows.[2] The amount by which light is refracted depends upon itswavelength, and hence its colour. Blue light (shorter wavelength) is refracted at a greater angle than red light, but due to the reflection of light rays from the back of the droplet, the blue light emerges from the droplet at a smaller angle to the original incident white light ray than the red light. You may then think it is strange that the pattern of colours in a rainbow has red on the outside of the arc and blue on the inside. However, when we examine this issue more closely, we realize that if the red light from one droplet is seen by an observer, then the blue light from that droplet will not be seen because it must be on a different path from the red light: a path which is not incident with the observer's eyes. The blue light seen in this rainbow will therefore come from a different droplet, which must be below that whose red light can be observed.
Contrary to popular belief, the light at the back of the raindrop does not undergo total internal reflection, and some light does emerge from the back. However, light coming out the back of the raindrop does not create a rainbow between the observer and the sun because spectra emitted from the back of the raindrop do not have a maximum of intensity, as the other visible rainbows do, and thus the colours blend together rather than forming a rainbow.[3]
Light rays enter a raindrop from one direction (typically a straight line from the Sun), reflect off the back of the raindrop, and fan out as they leave the raindrop. The light leaving the rainbow is spread over a wide angle, with a maximum intensity at 40.89°–42°.
White light separates into different colours on entering the raindrop because red light is refracted by a lesser angle than blue light. On leaving the raindrop, the red rays have turned through a smaller angle than the blue rays, producing a rainbow.
A rainbow does not actually exist at a particular location in the sky. Its apparent position depends on the observer's location and the position of the sun. All raindrops refract and reflect the sunlight in the same way, but only the light from some raindrops reaches the observer's eye. This light is what constitutes the rainbow for that observer. The position of a rainbow in the sky is always in the opposite direction of the Sun with respect to the observer, and the interior is always slightly brighter than the exterior. The bow is centred on the shadow of the observer's head, or more exactly at the antisolar point (which is below the horizon during the daytime), appearing at an angle of 40°–42° to the line between the observer's head and its shadow. As a result, if the Sun is higher than 42°, then the rainbow is below the horizon and usually cannot be seen as there are not usually sufficient raindrops between the horizon (that is: eye height) and the ground, to contribute. Exceptions occur when the observer is high above the ground, for example in an aeroplane (see above), on top of a mountain, or above a waterfall.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

About My Blog

   I made this blog around year 2008 and became active around year 2009. And guess what, I started using English for my posts in last April when I wrote my longest post ever, 'Studying Abroad' (you can click 'April' on my blog archive, and that's the only one post I wrote in that month).
   At first, my posts were just as personal consumption. Never I promoted this blog to my friends. I felt my blog is so boring, no interesting posts. The design also was not really good. Yeah, I didn't master it yet, at all. I used the available template, I added some gadgets but it didn't work, my blog still unable to be seen! (hebring plus lebay modeon)
   Until finally I had an idea to search blog template at I found sooo many unique blog templates. I tried them one by one and finally I matched with the one I'm using as my blog background right now. So simple, but I like it a lot! It's not such like my friends' that are so colourful and crowded. I like simple, I like chocolate, I like vintage!
   So, after total repair, my blog is ready to show off! I often promote to my classmates, then my other friends at Facebook (through 'SHARE' button on the left), Twitter, and Plurk. I share what I want to tell, what I feel, hear, see, smell, and so on.
   Few days ago, I shared about my friendship and some of my friends love it so much. Thanks guys! And I've promised to post and share about my one-year classmate called TERORISmasa. Well, be patient of the release! I'll show you memorable videos of one of my  beloved class. :D
   Okay, I'll continue my story. After my friends read my blog, well, they asked me why I used English on my posts. I'm afraid they didn't really understand the words I wrote on my posts because I realize my English is a bit bad. Yeah, to improve it, I can't just rely on English lesson at school, right?? :) But for some posts maybe I'll use full bahasa or bilingual.
   Now, about my posts. I know my posts have less information, especially for recent or even up-to-date informations. Should I share about the latest news: splashy video of Ariel and Luna? Guys, the first thing you should know, my blog theme is something what I want to share. And mostly it comes from every events around me. Something what I heard, smelled, saw, felt. I want to share my life stories, such like biography. But it's on virtual word that you can access 24 hours for free.
   I dream to have an autobiography of my life, just like a novel I have. Because I'm not so well-known and I feel my daily stories are just common stories of a human being, so at first I try to write my experiences here. So that when this blog is suddenly famous and people likes my life stories, I'll think about making an autobiography. And if we write our story here, we don't need to cut down the trees to make it into papers. If you love your earth and want to share about your life stories, blog is the alternative one you can choose. Well, I suppose to not promoted here.
   One of the topics I want to share is LOVE STORY, a common feelings which belongs to all human beings who live on a blue ball called EARTH. I have one draft about my love confession part 2 which is already posted, but I still wait for something. So, please one more patient. :D
   This topic is so sensitive. Sometimes I posted when I was on anger of someone, just like the last one. And I won't tell you their name. Maybe I'll change it into another one. I will tell you if I'm ready to publish it. ;D
   And may I say: I'm a mysterious person. A bit introvert, but  I'm not an alien! [???]
   Well, please keep reading my posts even the old one although It's not so much interesting for you. I'm trying to be as often as I could to write another post.

   Oh, one thing! I need your wishes, prays, etc! I'm on final grade exams and wish me not get any remedial and get good scores, also can enter science class for the next academic year! ;D

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Confession Part 1.1

Well for someone who seems forget about me (ehm, not really forget)...

I just wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!
Thank you for being my friend since last July 2009 until February 2010 (or until now?)...
Thank you for believing me to keep your secret (even it made me hurt)...
Thank you for being my nice friend to talk to...
A thousands thanks for being my 'doctor'...
You know, I have so much words that I would say to you...
It was nice when you smiled on me then called my name...
I miss that thing...
But you make me can't understand you...
You seems to ignore me but still tell me that your number has changed. It's so funny and I'd love to laugh! :D
Seeing and meeting you at school, nowadays makes me feel down.
And let me ask you something, just one question:
You regard me as what ????

   Well, hope we won't meet again. Have nice days in your new campus!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Unrequited Love

   I've just found this word from a book I've been reading for 2 days. This word is a word I had tried to look up on my dictionary for a long time, but it wasn't successful.

   I've been reading a book that is titled Marmut Merah Jambu, written by Raditya Dika, a popular comedian writer. Before this one, I have one of his book, titled Cinta Brontosaurus. And from that book, I become a big fan of him! His stories are so funny, make me wanna laugh all day long! Most of his stories are his own love story.

Well, I got it with full of tears. Ha ha ha. :P

   Well, I got a new story that is the same with mine. And it's all about what I've titled on this post. Unrequited Love.
   Then, I need a song 'I Remember' to accompany this post. Who don't mind to sing it? :D
   When we fall in love for the first time, our life becomes a bit hard than usual. And I felt that thing. My life wasn't really fun when I thought of him all the time. My score was getting worse. For addition, my first love and I were in a different school. So, I couldn't control him as well. I never knew how I could like, or even love him. But it's what you called with L-O-V-E. LOVE. Love. Amore. Cinta.
   You never know how you can love him, you never find the reason. My first love isn't good at score, but very good at basketball. Hmm, not really. I even don't really know what he's good at! Well, I think love is so unreasonable. Ha ha ha. Who does agree with me??
   He interested me so well. He made me feel so awkward, sometimes made me wanna cry all day long. Yup, that's true. If I missed him so much, I would cry on my room. Well, I had tried to send him a message but it was not really working. He didn't reply it. And that made me feel so sad, this feeling is so indescribable. He never sent me any messages if I didn't start it first. He never sent me a long message before he finally had someone special. We never had any progress in 3 years. So sucks! But it's the reality and this is what I called with L-O-V-E. Errr, nope. It's unrequited love.
   But at least I have some precious memories to remember. Unfortunately I can't mention it one by one. Okay, I'll tell you one of them. Hem, it happened a long time ago. He and I, also some of my friend were in a group. We had to make a small drama and we chose Ande-Ande Lumut as our story. He acted as Ande-Ande Lumut, and of course I wished I was the Klenting Kuning. But unfortunately I became Klenting Merah. Okay, it's okay. I had no problem with it. But I felt a bit jealous. Yep, especially when the drama was demonstrated.  :(  *so raise your hand if you know who he is! :)
   It's a long time story. Just a memory and I don't want keep it in my mind continuously. It's such kind of useless thing, but unforgettable memory.
   Then continue on my high school, SMASA.
   I had to accept the reality that he had a girlfriend, even she is so beautiful and so attractive. I became a bit not confident. I'm just a quite person and a not-attractive-enough girl. Well, so shame. What a pain! Because I'm self conscious, I only admired at him. Until finally in August I liked with one of my senior (you must know who he is!). And it's the end of my first unrequited love.
   Honestly, unrequited love is something common in a love life. And after felt the unrequited love for a long time, I feel so tired of loving someone first, especially like my past one. I could't make a good atmosphere when I kept contact with someone I love. I never said 'hello' to him. I always waited for a miracle, that he would say 'hello' to me. Hey, I know it's quite impossible. But nothing is impossible! Believe it! :)
   Well, I also got good quotes for this unrequited love (I got them from Marmut Merah Jambu):
seperti dua kapal yang berpapasan sewaktu badai, kita telah bersilang jalan satu sama lain, tapi kita tidak membuat sinyal, kita tidak mengucapkan sepatah katapun, kita tidak punya apapun untuk dikatakan. - Oscar Wilde

    And the second one is:

Nothing takes the flavour out of the peanut butter quite like unrequited love. - Charlie Brown

   Well, it's so suitable with my story, isn't it ??
   And nowadays, my love story is a bit different. It's almost the same, but you just need to change the subject....also the object. Errr, actually it's not my love story. It's his and only him who can share you about this one. Him?? Who is he?? :) Do you wanna know? Curios???
   Clue? Well, he's one of my close boy friends. Ha ha ha.
   Other clues? Well, please follow me and check my tweets on my twitter account. Or if you are my schoolmate, please observe who wanna be closer with me. Or if you could, please check my inbox on my phone! There are SO MUCH messages from him!
   Still curios?? Hemmm....Well, have a nice search! :D
   If I were you, I would be so excited with this search! Believe me! It's quite fun when you have to find out something, you'll be like a detective! By the way, I'm a big fan of Shinichi Kudo! He he he. He's so perfect! Smart, yes he has it! Pretty handsome, no doubt with it! Cool, aargh who doesn't know it???
   Oh, because now I'm being kind enough, so I'll give you another clue: he has the same birthday as my idol also my first love. Guess it! :)
   Well once again, if you have much time to find out, just find it! And have a nice search! ;D

Saturday, 29 May 2010

One Day Baking with Mom

What a nice Friday!

   That's what I screamed on my twitter account. Yeah, it was nice. I did baking with my mum. Actually, we just tried to make donut. My mum never made it before. So, we baked with the principle of trials. We were ready for a bad result.
   First, we prepared all of the ingredients: flour, eggs, fermipan, mashed potatoes, etc. Then, we mixed all the ingredients into a big dough. It's so different between baking a cake and baking a donut. You have to hurtle the donut dough, and before you hurtle it, you should add flour to make it more solid. And that what we did, but a trouble thing happened.
   My auntie said that we just needed a quarter kilograms of flour. But the fact, we used almost a half kilograms of flour! The dough was not too solid and to made it more solid, we needed to add more flour on it. Well, it was our hard decision because we were afraid that the dough would be too solid, and it would make the donut more tasteless. Yeah, well.
   After we guessed it was solid enough, we had to let the dough swelled. To spend the empty time, my mum asked me to accompany her to buy some fertilizer for her orchids. She said her orchids are gonna die. Oh well.
   A following hour ...
   The dough swelled! OMG. My mum and I were so happy happy happyyy, made us wanna! Ha ha ha. (So sorry if it's too much.)
   We were so afraid that the dough couldn't swell as well. But it wasn't proofed! It swelled and sooo big! Then my mum hurtled it again before we shaped it. After that, we shaped it into a small dough. And we had to wait for it to swell again.
   A quarter hour later...
   We fried it all! And after the first turn had fried, we both tried one piece. We added  soft sugar on it. And the taste....


Yeah yeah yeah. That what we call with STRUGGLE! Ha ha ha. We can't be better if we are not failed. Yeah, it's an experience. So, who wanna try it??? :D

Here it is the donut! Although it's a bit tasteless but we both like it! Ha ha ha.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Quotes Part 1

This is some of my favourite quotes. I promised to show you some of my quotes. Mostly I got it from twitter. And I really like it because mostly match with my feeling, and it's all almost my love feelings. He he he. Enjoy reading!

Why we should we cry for them who wanna leave us?actually,we can find new again,but it's not easy to do it
If cry is good for my health,i'll cry for a long time,thats all because of you
You can't take my past,it's still precious for me,the memories will always live in my heart
i'm living in fantasy world where happy ending really do exist,girl n boy do end up together
Dear teacher,dont think that you're a hero,then you can do everything with me!
music is my life,its a reflection of what i go through
But i'm so touch by your sweetness
It's so hard to erase the pain,so hard to find back my way &make my mind let go of love, just so hard to see the real you 
 Being able to survive it doesn't make it ok. My mind can erase every detail but my heart will always remember that day.

Everybody could laugh without knowing my pain deep inside my heart 

There is one point when your love and hate feel at the same time. That point is when you miss someone.

Be thankful that you have what everyone don't have

Love is an indescribable thing. You can feel it, touch it, smell it, hear it, taste it. But no words can tell its story.

I remember every word which you told to me. I just can't stop thinking about it.

It is starting to scare me. How much I miss you but you don't seem to care.

It's so hard to show everyone that I'm fine, I'm alright without you when deep inside I'm really not.
Sometimes the real true friend is the one who most understand you and care bout you 

You will never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice. 
Trust you is so hard. I need a long time for it. So please don't break it.
I wish i'm still a lil kid who don't know what is love
Tears turn become a smile when you hold my hand,say 'everything is OK'
Hey,i don't believe that you make me smile n wash away my tears 
Its a sweet love story ever I had,but I wake up,and's just a dream.
The one who can make you smile is the one who understand you a lot 
The more you have birthday,the more you have a long life,dude
I memorize everything about you
Never above,never below,because i'll always beside you
Its funny how someone you love want to make you smile by doing silly things.
The best day is when youre going to spend all the day with someone you love
If in the first time you meet someone,then you fall in love,that's not love..and it wont last long
1 smile means many problems that you hide it
You do it today because today is tommorow's yesterday
I have a hundred different faces,a million different personalities
This time is so beautiful,, but more beautiful,if you here,with me,spend this beautiful night 
Staring at my phone,hope you will call me or text me 
Don't say that you heart me if you make me cry all the time
The gentle one will make woman feels comfort
Try to trust your couple whatever the condition
Be nice and smile to everyone you meet. You don’t know what they are going through, and they may need that smile.
The only thing that makes it a part of your life is if you always keep thinking about it.
the morning breeze swept my face , letting go of all my pain and sadness
When there are "TRUST" feeling , "RESPECT" feeling, "LOYALITY",, there is a "LOVE"
I have did my best to you.. And you can't receive my love.. And you said,you want to leave me ?? Okay !
Just one advice for you. If you already have boyfriend/girlfriend,don't forget to you friends
The best things in life are unseen, that's why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, dream and die
If you love me, you wouldn't be doing this to me, so it's kinda hard for me to believe you actually love me.
Many men came into my life but none of them reach my heart, you're the only one who made it.
You were just a beautiful mistake that I would make again and again and again as long as I could
If a guy really likes you, even loves you. He'll listen to what you have to say, not what he hears from others.
The truth is I don’t hate you. I can never hate you. I guess I just want to find reasons to not like you anymore.

What’s the point of all the tears when nothing’s gonna change after you’ve shed them?
There's things that I could not tell you; things that remind me of you when I want nothing more than to forget.
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. 
I believe that one day you will love me like I do
Please believe me, what ever you did to me on the past, I'm sure you will get the karma!
PAST is a Lesson to make us better at the FUTURE
It's easy to make a friendship ends become a love. But not that easy to make a love ends become a friendship.
hidup itu tidak lebih dari sekedar pilihan untuk jadi yang lebih baik atau yang lebih buruk 
when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
i wouldn't know the motives for a person killing a person but as far as helping a person is concerned , why should there be a logical mind ?
bukan yang kuat yang menang . tapi yang menanglah yang kuat .
orang yang bisa membuat kegagalan hanyalah orang yang memiliki keberanian untuk melakukan usaha .
Hatinya gentar membayangkan bahwa segalanya pun bisa berakhir di sini.
Saya lebih senang kalau kamu nggak nyadar. Kamu bisa jadi diri sendiri, saya juga. Dan menurut saya itulah yang paling menyenangkan dari pertemuan kita selama ini.
Kini ia sudah kembali berdiri tegak. Namun, ia sadar, bintang yang sama tak akan pernah kembali untuk yang kedua kali.
Ikuti saja kata hati kamu. Ke mana pun itu. Hati tidak bisa berbohong.
Hati tidak pernah memilih. Hati dipilih. Karena ia selalu tahu kemana harus berlabuh.
Hati kamu mungkin memilihku, seperti juga hatiku slalu memilihmu. tapi hati bisa bertumbuh dan bertahan dengan pilihan lain. kadang begitu saja sudah cukup.
Dan bumi hanyalah sebutir debu di bawah telapak kaki kita

I'm so sorry if it's too many. I've collected it a long long time ago. And here I'll give you the source :

Novel Perahu Kertas

Detective Conan

Well, gotta see you on next post. Hope I get an interesting topic to discuss.

Monday, 24 May 2010

My Love Story Part 1

   Sometimes I feel so awkward when I see my ex-boyfriends. Well, actually they weren't my boyfriend yet. I liked them, one of them is my first love. Just call them Troy and Chad (I made those name based on HSM characters. :P)


   This guy is my first love. Well, I had loved him for 7 years and was ended on last October. I had admired him for a long time. My life felt like full of tears and longing. Yeah, it sucked. But I don't know how I could stand for a long time, stayed to fall in love although I didn't get what people say with The Happiness of Love. Nope, I didn't get it. Nevertheless, my heart couldn't be opened by another guy. I only felt yearned. Well, we were in different Junior High School. But finally I could end all my feelings because of 3rd and 4th people. He had a beautiful girlfriend and finally I had someone who could cure me from my troyisme, I called him Chad.

   I met him only a month before finally I liked him. I liked him because he could cure me from troyisme and he could make me laugh all the time. I used to wait for his jokes. He is so friendly, one who is easy to talk to. He's really like my brother, but my brother much funnier than him. We had been closed for a few weeks before finally he asked me to make him closer with one of my friend. Honestly that was a big knock for me. But I could stand and told myself to not give up. And I didn't give up until finally, I don't know why, he seemed he wants to take a distance from me. That's my biggest knock. Until now.

   Well, I've tried to forget what I used to feel in the past. I don't want to remember all of the memorizes I've ever had. It sucks, especially when I remember a nice memorize. I know I have to get up from my dreams, from my pasts. I have to look forward for my better life. There's still a lot of dreams I have to catch up soon, if I want to be successful. I don't wanna fall in a same place twice. That's why I have to forget it. Nope, I MUST forget it all! And I'll take a big effort to do that because it fells like like I across what my heart used to feel. And I always cry. God, please make me stronger.  :') .

   I know I'm stronger. I know I can face it, head it. I'm survive from love suffer. But sometimes I'm tempted to text one of my boyfriend. If he is Troy, I can stand. If Chad, I don't know I can stand or not. He is so confusing. He seems not like me anymore, but why he still wants to keep in touch with me? That's annoying me. But whatever it is, I have to close my love story part 1 and I shouldn't open it again and over again. Well, I have to build my love story part 2 soon. :-)

   Honestly, I found so many quotes of love. But I can't write it here right now because I have to select the best one. Maybe on next post. ;-)

   Whatever it is, I have to close my love story part 1 and keep smiling for my better life. I shouldn't be crying again and seemed sad or frustrate because of love. I still have a lot of friends that always give me support. Thousands kisses and hugs for you guys! xoxoxo . :-*