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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Holiday!

   I've received my report and my total score is increasing! But not that much. Only 1,.... LOL
  And after this, I'm gonna be a senior. I'm gonna be a 12-grade student. I'm gonna be graduated. I'm gonna head a lot of examinations. Well, I've signed for my next year course, and I hope it helps me much. I don't even understand some of my subject, cuz the teacher couldn't teach well. And I don't know how they get my scores and write 8 on my report paper. Well, those scores confusing me. How can I get this score, or that score? How could it be? So many questions echoing my ears about my scores. But thanks Allah, for giving me chance to change to be better and much better. Hope I can increase my scores more and more. Well, I'm 12 grade now. I have to study harder to pass the national examinations with excellent scores and get a ticket to IPB. Amin :) Wow, unbeliavable it's next year! ><
   And, it's been waited for these couple weeks: HOLIDAY! Have you planned your holiday well? My dad is planning to go to Jogja and hope it will be fun! Long time I'm not going there. The first and the last is when I had study tour with my elementary school friends. I'm gonna buy many yangko. I love this food :9
   Well, what's your plan for this holiday? Have a nice holiday! :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Proud To Be Indonesian!

   I'm sure the readers of my blog isn't only from Indonesia, but also from other countries. Based on my last post about French, now I'm gonna post details about Indonesia. But it's not as complete as French post cuz I'll divide it into some posts. Indonesia is very wide wide wide and wide, especially for its culture. I think I can't mention THEM ALL only in 1 post. I need more to explain.


  Simple fait: je ne peux pas parler Anglais!
  Fait au hasard: je ne peux pas parler français, mais je veux vraiment!
  Donc, c'est pourquoi j'essaie d'écrire ce post en français.
  Hmm, Je viens d'essayer, en fait. J'ai eu l'aide de Google Translate! Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Google. :)
   Il est difficile d'écrire ce post, car je aller et venir à traduire mon poste l'anglais au français. Si difficile :( Mais je dois. LOL

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Friday, 10 June 2011

Sweet Messages From My Little Boy

   Okay, maybe it's a bit childish, or it is. I'm not that confident to telling you this, but my bf sometimes send me some sweet messages. These messages are still safely saved in my inbox. I think they are really sweet. Well, I want to show you off some of those messages. But not all of those messages will be shown to you. :)