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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Studying Abroad

Sometimes something so right can be wrong...

   It's been a week since I started playing Nick & The Administration on my playlist. Well, these songs are the best after Jason Mraz's. My favourite one is Who I Am. If you don't know this one, you should buy the original CD or download it on internet, then play it on your room!

   And every I listen to this song, I feel so warm cause mostly it reflects to my personal experience. My love experience. And it becomes higher when I listen to State of Emergency. One more must listen item for you all! :D

   I cannot tell you more about my love story. My LOVE STORY part 1. It's done! One with very happy ending, after had a double date on September 27, 2009, and another with very bad ending. Exactly ended on March 10, 2010. Okay. Perfect!

   Nope, I'm not going to tell you about my love experience. I'm going to tell you about one  activity I've done for the last a week. Reading a book with very a interesting title, Studying Abroad. I found it on my school's library, lying desperately from other books. Ha ha. How poor it was! I was so interesting with the title (let me once again mention the title), STUDYING ABROAD. Well, only two words, but, you know, it's my biggest dream ever. Study in another side of this earth and try all the dishes there. He he. Well, I like culinary tour! That's why last time my mother made a comment for me about my weight. Yup, it's been increased. Ha ha.

   Other reasons? Well, I like sight-seeing. I like to try something new and a bit weird. And also I want make my parents proud, happy, and not disappointed. At least I want they feel proud that their only-daughter can go around the world. And I promise I'll bring them go around the world, if they want to. But first, I should do the best. I have to do the best, so that I can get the best!

   And after I read STUDYING ABROAD book, for some reasons I feel afraid of what I've decided. First thing that appeared in my mind is COST. Well, the number is not little and there are too much 0 behind the real numbers. Oh, well.

   When I read the first chapter of this book, my sigh was so deeeeep. Yes, it's all about the cost. After I counted all the cost that I need, It reaches more than Rp 500 milions each month. How great! My saving is never that much!

   But I know, there must be others way to reach the peak of the mountain, even if it's too hard. Yeah, positive thinking is always on!

   Then, the second thing is culture, language, manner. Well, it's too different for me. But I should try to understand them slowly. Especially for the language, I feel I'm not on maximum speed to be a native. Sometime I forget what I would say in English. Sometime I'm confused to arrange a right statement, even by typing like this. It needs a long time for me to correcting statement by statement. Ha ha ha. Well, finally I open my Pandora box. :p

About my language, I've been searching, browsing about TOEFL and IELTS tests. Also I've practised it. And I must confess that IELTS is much more difficult than TOEFL. But I realise that I have to improve my score of both tests. Then, I'll choose what the best university for me to continue my study to. Hope I can pass and wait for me Cambridge or Oxford !! :D

   Honestly, I really wanna continue my study directly after I graduate my High School. But I think it's a bit hard for me. But I know everything is possible. Now I just try to do the best. I also look for scholarship, but I haven't found it yet. Yup, there's still much time to do the best. The important thing is NOT TOO LATE TO DO SOMETHING TO BE THE BEST.

   Well, I think it's nothing if people around you doesn't support your dream, especially your parents. You need this one so much! By the way, my parents just sighed deeply when I told about my biggest dream. Of course they're worrying s much thing. First, my safety. La la laa~ that's all about common fear for parents. Yeah, I can understand about this one. Second, about the cost. If I continue my study abroad for undergraduate program, of course it costs so much and is also a big burden for them. Yeah, well. Does it mean I have to continue my undergraduate study in Indonesia, work, and then study abroad? Well, it's okay, but it would be better if I continue my undergraduate study there. "It's a hard decision, Kid!" my Mum said. Yeah, I pretty know, Mum!

   To to make my parents sure about my study-abroad-plan, then I showed them some my friend's picture in Europe. She travelled around Europe and uploaded her photos on facebook. Well, my parents looked so interested. Then, I said in the middle of the show, "When can I travel around Europe, ya?" Clap! You can guess what my parents' face. I'm sure this way can make my parents open their heart for me. Ha ha ha. What kinda girl am I? But if I don't use this way, my parent's wouldn't think twice about my study abroad. Well, it's kinda compulsion. I name it STATE OF EMERGENCY way! Ha ha ha ha. Oh, well. I think this way is really effective!

   Now about the country I would choose. First, I choose England. London is my destination. There, my options are University College London and Imperial College London. But both of them are college, not university. For university, I don't really know about universities in London. Then, my other options are Cambridge University and Oxford University. But both of them isn't in London as well. Okay. Hard decision! But let it flow. Whenever it is, it's okay lhaa. :D

   Second, USA. But I won't take any risks in Harvard. Yeah, I'm a bit pessimist there. Stanford or Yale or Princeton it's good enough. Too good I think. Ha ha ha. But Harvard? Too high standard for me! But it's pretty okay if I can study there, with scholarship of course. Ha ha ha.

   Well, we can summarize all of the topics that I've written on this blog. Higher dreams, higher struggle, higher effort, higher cost (ha ha), higher risk. I just wish my dreams come true and flow normally and easily just like what I expect. Amin amin amin. Don't stop dreaming cause dream makes you work as hard as you can and it make yours life's so colourful! Don't be afraid to catch up your indolence, don't wait until you're late and regret it all. Remember, regret isn't something fun! I've felt it before. Trust me, it's really not fun!

For brighter world,