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Monday, 24 January 2011

Speak Now

   This is my first time blogging on school time. He he. And this time I wanna share once more a great song from Taylor Swift on her new album, Speak Now. For the great news, now I have Speak Now album! XD
   I like this song sooo much and I love the lyrics, too.
   And I'll show you up my Speak Now album. XD

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Kekasihku, Kau Adalah...

langitku yang cerah,
yang membuatku mabuk kepayang,
ranjangku yang hangat,
pelabuhanku di kala badai,
hadiah termanis untukku,
pembangkit semangatku,
sahabatku yang terbaik,
sampai ajal menjelang,
tujuan hidupku,

Monday, 3 January 2011

My Quotes Part 2

   Holiday is now over and I'm back to my daily activity : going to school. And I just opened my physics book, but my brain couldn't absorb the materials so well. So, I decided to post a post first before back to my book. Just a simple post, filled by quotes I found on twitter. Please follow them --> #pepatah .These are the quotes :

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Surat Untuk Matahariku

   On this chance, let me share you a short stories that was joined a competition, but it's failed. Ha ha, what a pity. T.T
   And because it's failed, and I guess they won't publish it, so I'll publish it on my blog. Give your comments, guys! Honestly, the story is a bit.... not really can be said as short story. I guess it's more like curhat. He he. But, but I really need your comments about this 'short story', guys!
   For a little information, this story is a half fiction story. I guess only the writer and some people who know which one is the fact, the real one. But most of all are fiction. If there are similarities, it just a coincidence. The story is, of course, in Bahasa. He he. Enjoy the story, guys! :)


   A great song from Taylor Swift, titled Mean. I like the genre of this music much. Check the lyrics out, guys. ;)

The Story Of Us

   Another great lyrics from Taylor Swift new album, Speak Now, titled THE STORY OF US. Check it out.