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Friday, 31 December 2010

Welcome To 2011

   Happy new year 2011!
   Welcome to Two Thousands and Eleven, guys! It's my first post in this year. I guess so crowded out there. Fireworks everywhere. Sounds of trumpet fill the air. Everyone welcomes the new year. So many hopes and wishes that are expected to happen in this year. Always keep your positive energy along this year! Bring the positive atmosphere. Always. Burn the spirit! XD
   Welcome to rabbit year! (according to Chinese year)

My New Year Resolutions

   Actually, I don't wanna leave this year. You know, it has great numbers! It has '10' behind the '20'. Yeah, '10' is a great number for me. It's meaningful! And I DO have so many great events in 2010. So many surprises, so many great memories, so many loves, so many tears and laughs. And I really have a great year! Well, I'm so thankful to Allah SWT Who always gives me chances to breathe in this year. Nothing can be so worth, but this. He has given so many worth things that I can't mention, even remember one by one, because it's SO MANY! Nothing can break my belief to Allah SWT, I always miss and love HIM much, also His Prophet, Nabi Muhammad SAW. :)
   Also everyone who has filled my whole year with great moments in 2010, thank you very much! Without you all, my days wouldn't be great! *kisses and hugs for y'aall*
    And it's not good if I don't type down my 2011 resolutions. My 2010 resolutions are not fully completed. Just some points are completed. I don't want this thing happens again in 2011. And that's why, maybe I don't have so many things to be expected to happen in 2011. The most important is not how many resolutions you'll make for next new year, but how many things that you'll change, that you'll do for your better life next year. Change means making something new, something better than before. And I resolve to do something new and something different for next year. It's kind of hope, but we do the action, not just hope and resigned everything will be come true.
   And in 2011, I resolve :

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Random Part 1

   It's winter. (In USA or UK)
   And it's rainy. Exactly from where I wrote this post, Indonesia.

   Don't know why, I need a long time to write something. I mean something from my mind. Directly. Just like I wrote this post.
   Ha ha, sorry so random. Well, but that's true! I'm lack of inspirations nowadays. I don't know. Maybe because there's to many problems in my mind. But, I don't know what problems. Ck ck, funny.
   Well, yeah, it's almost new year. I gotta make my resolutions then. And I was inspired by Jason Mraz's Blog, Freshness Factor Five Thousand, in making new year resolution. Great!
   It's a random post. No theme, no meaning. Just wanna write it out from my mind.
   Oh God, I need I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N-S! (once more random. Sorry guys)
   Have a great holiday! ;)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

TERORISmasa 09/10

And this is the story about my lovely X grade class...
that is unforgetable...
X3, TERORISmasa...


   This is one of Taylor Swift's song in Speak Now album. And may I say, I DO LOVE THE LYRICS. It draws what my feeling was. Ha ha ha, sorry if I do it again. Enchanted, yeah, I was enchanted. Please check the lyrics out guys. ;)

Monday, 27 December 2010

How's My First Date ?

   We both are a couple. But honestly, we just sometimes pass the day together. We are never going somewhere else, except school zone or Indomaret in front of our school. Ha ha ha. :P
   We are a busy couple. He has his own duties and obligations in his extracurricular, and I have my own. Sometimes, our time is crash or sometimes our activities are alternate. Today, I have something to do. Tomorrow, he has something to do. The next day, I have something to do. Our time never meet each other. So pity, T.T. But alhamdulilah we can stand in this situation. And wish it would be longer. Amiin :)
   And that's why one day we planned to go somewhere, out of the school time.

Friday, 17 December 2010

This Is My Story Video

   One day, I got an email from EFN JEMBER (English First Nusantara). It's titled This Is My Story. I wondered what it was. So, I opened up my email and click a link. Well, suddenly there's new tab in my Safari Web Browser. The new tab became dark, because the background was black. And there was only year and loading line. My friend said it filled about our video in the future. Really? How can it be my future video? Then, after a long waiting, finally the video began.