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About The Smith

I was 'purposely' born in a confusing Thursday night, in a blessing month of Muslims, exactly on 10 March 1994 or 27 Ramadan 1415 H.

Kind of melancholics people, who likes thinking the most, hesitated in an unconditional situation, but pretty care, smart, and realistic to face a tense condition. I'm also optimistic in the middle of pessimistic. Dream high is my side job beside being a bachelor student of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). I have great years in SDN Jember Lor 3, SMPN 3 Jember, and SMAN 1 Jember. I'd like to replay my seventeen moment just like my music playlist because there's nothing more interesting than when you're seventeen. Never promise me anything because I'll take it seriously and I'll make you pay for it, no matter what, lol.

I do love reading, writing, swimming, and traveling, especially to somewhere I never visited before. I'd like to be an amateur pianist and writing lyrics, since I think it'll be a fun activity beside writing my infinite anthology. Do prefer listening instrumental or classical or a bit jazzy and blues musics, but secret admirer of the blend instrumental between piano and violin. Someday, I hope my husband or my children are my best partner to play the blend. Aamiin ya rabb. :)

My dream? Well, being a Governor of Bank of Indonesia while also being an Astronomer and a great writer who can inspire other people.

For me, the best-ever leader is only Muhammad SAW while Shinichi Kudo is my favorite guy, Sherlock Holmes and Albert Einstein are my science-inspiration, Dewi 'Dee' Lestari and Windy Ariestanti are my favorite writers, Zac Efron is my most talented guy, and a great doctor is my husband (aamiin ya rabb), lol.

I believe that you can't just sit down and see what happen. You have to MOVE to make it real. Your plan is great, but Allah has the greatest plan for you. Keep MOVING!

I'm such a left-brain people who always plays with numbers and theory. I am really bad at drawing, sketching, painting, doodling, designing, or something like that, but I am damn good at writing. Well, because I'm a wordsmith.

Ah, let me introduce myself. My name is Retno Puspita Kadarman Wicaksono. Thank you for visiting my webpage and nice to meet you. :)

Welcome you with all my pleasure,