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Monday, 17 August 2015

Welcome Back Home!

   I don't really know what to say in my very first post after a-long-break from this blog.

   First of all, I want to welcome myself. WELCOME BACK! It's been a while not to write any post here, and been tired of cleaning the thick dust and spiderweb around *kibas kerudung*

   Second, I am really sorry to whoever which feel lost of my appearance in this blog, muahahaha. However, fellas, I'm not promising I will be here so often.

   Third, I want to say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, MY DEAREST INDONESIA! 70-year-old is kinda.... well, my country is really getting old. A lot of things happen, including the currency which is getting weaker day-by-day.

   Well, it's not my very first attempt ti re-write a post here. Some posts are just hanging up in my draft folder, I let them unpublished. Not really important things though. It's been really 'hard' to write a post. Seems like I have lost my sense of 'writing' temporarily since I just want to focus on making my research proposal. 'Writing' is kinda a hard thing to do even my heart sometimes say, "Write your idea! Write your metaphors!" and I just left it behind and continued reading so many journals for my proposal's references.