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Monday, 17 August 2015

Welcome Back Home!

   I don't really know what to say in my very first post after a-long-break from this blog.

   First of all, I want to welcome myself. WELCOME BACK! It's been a while not to write any post here, and been tired of cleaning the thick dust and spiderweb around *kibas kerudung*

   Second, I am really sorry to whoever which feel lost of my appearance in this blog, muahahaha. However, fellas, I'm not promising I will be here so often.

   Third, I want to say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, MY DEAREST INDONESIA! 70-year-old is kinda.... well, my country is really getting old. A lot of things happen, including the currency which is getting weaker day-by-day.

   Well, it's not my very first attempt ti re-write a post here. Some posts are just hanging up in my draft folder, I let them unpublished. Not really important things though. It's been really 'hard' to write a post. Seems like I have lost my sense of 'writing' temporarily since I just want to focus on making my research proposal. 'Writing' is kinda a hard thing to do even my heart sometimes say, "Write your idea! Write your metaphors!" and I just left it behind and continued reading so many journals for my proposal's references.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy Renew The Calendar!

   Dear all, let me say this...


*Tiup terompet*
*Bakar petasan*
*Bakar kembang api*
*Lempar-lemparin slide dan catetan*

   Well, how's your new year celebration guys? Mine is just staying at home with my lovely boarding friends, having some BBQ, french fries, and soda at midnight, doing selfie together, playing Uno card until we get tired, and nothing is warmer than that if you are so far away from home and getting stuck because of the final exam weeks. What more can I describe the meaning of happiness is?

   It is really something when we celebrate the new year in the middle of final exam weeks. Kalau anak-anak nggak pada heboh mau belanja bahan buat BBQ, mungkin saya nggak bakal sadar ini adalah malam tahun baru. Yeah, beberapa menit sebelum dimulai acara makan-makan, saya masih saja stuck di kamar sambil ngeliatin slide *sok rajin *padahal cuman ngeliatin aja.

   Dan seharusnya saya posting Resolusi Tahun 2015 beberapa hari yang lalu. Karena kendala yang saya hadapi sangat berat, maka saya putuskan malam ini, mau tidak mau, capek tidak capek, saya harus tetap menulis *tapi tetep aja baru di posting pagi =_=.