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Sunday, 10 October 2010

What I Had Dreamed About 101010

   Philosophy 10.10.10 for me is...
   10 : my birthday date
   10 : your birthday month
   10 : the year when we make a relationship commitment
   But that philosophy, even that date, absolutely won't be exist on my love history. Forever. It's not important for me anymore. Even if there's another special thing happen, It won't be as beautiful as what I've dreamed, it won't be as beautiful as that philosophy. Because I don't need you anymore. In my whole life. Because I wanna say GOODBYE to you. Yup, maybe some part of my heart will cry, but it really doesn't matter. It's much much much better for me. I MUST STOP ECHOING YOUR NAME inside. 

   Well, why should I post about this topic?

The Only Exception

   Well, for couples day, I've suffered a song that is title 'The Only Exception'. First time I heard this song from my friend's glee songs collection. At first, I like the refrain part. Then, I browsed the lyrics on internet. And from that, I knew that it's one of paramore's song. I downloaded the original song from the internet and I listened it. It sounds so aweeeesssooooomeee! I really love it! My deskmate also like it. Ha ha ha. Well, but she likes the glee version. The lyrics are so awesome too! And this time, I really wanna share you the lyrics of this song. Check it out!

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Story of Rehellia Pusvidanu Aridarusni

   Rehellia Pusvidanu Aridarusni is a brilliant name for me. Well, I never told you about this name, right? And what do you think at the first time when you look at this name? Can you imagine who does have this name? Is it a girl or a boy? Both of them is.... not correct! Rehellia is not a girl, even a boy. Rehellia is girls. Rehellia is a short name of four besties, a combination of four names.
   And how could this name be created? Well, actually I made this name. Ha ha. Now, I'm going to tell you how this name could be created.