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Friday, 27 April 2012

Random Part 6

   For days, I always opened my blog and... I lacked of idea to write. Until this afternoon I remembered, I've promised to show up what was on my birthday. Though it was just a simple post (because seems like my fingers are not too enjoying typing this day), but finally I've posted it.

What I've Got For My 18 Years Old

   After being delayed for almost 2 months, I'm officially showing up the things I've got for my 18 years old birthday. Yihaaa, there's nothing special actually. But, the moment was more special than last year. Thanks God, You have given me such kind of nice friends. :)

   Before I show you the things, I'll tell you the story.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
You told me how proud you were, but I walked away
If only I knew what I know today, ooh, ooh

How can I forget
the dream I dreamt last night
when everything pictures it correctly
when the situation says that it's probably coming true?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Goodbye Exams, Welcome University!

   Finally, I'm out from those sucks exams! I'm so grateful! I'm so happy! And Now I can put my books on the my bin! #Whoooopsss
   I'll tell you something. National Exams this year is totally damn GREAT! Especially Biology, and everyone agrees with me. But, I could pass those very-hard-days with smile and full of spirit. Yeah, I hold my tears, I hold my anger, I hold my disappointment, I just wanted to be focus. I surrender.
   And now I'm just waiting for the announcements while taking some course to prepare SNMPTN exam on June. And I wish my invitation is passed. Amiiii...n Ya Rabb. So I can leave my SNMPTN exam. Amiiii...n Ya Rabb.
   Goodbye High School, Welcome to the harder world of University. :)
   No, I'm not that happy. Just excited to be in a long distance. Maybe. Or actually, I'm not ready at all. I don't know. See it later.

Dear, Boy...

Wahai calon imamku yang tampan,
Aku tidak mau berkata banyak. Saat ini mungkin aku telah menemukanmu. Kau pun juga telah menemukanku. Semua itu bukan karena kita, tetapi karena Allah lah yang mempertemukan kita disaat yang tepat. Jujur aku akui, aku mencintaimu dan menyayangimu dengan ikhlas dan sederhana, semua karena Allah. Tanpa campur tanganNya, mustahillah pertemuan ini akan terjadi. Semua itu atas kehendakNya. Segala peristiwa demi peristiwa yang telah terjadi sudah menjadi konsep ceritaNya yang telah Dia tuangkan dalam bukuNya sehingga menjadi sebuah cerita dimana kau dan akulah yang menjadi lakonnya. Maka ingatlah selalu “Kun fayakun”, maka jadilah engkau”

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Finally, It's Over

   It was Friday afternoon and I was at home. No school, just stayed at home. And someone suddenly messaged me. And asked me something that surprised me. Something that she never asked for a long time, around two years. It was about my boyfriend.

I'm So Bored! Please Listen To My Heart!

   I'm lack of attention. That's what I feel. I know I'm so busy these days and being so anti-social. But, between my business, I need someone to pay attention to me. Whoever they are! I've been so tired, my brain, my energy is decreasing. And this morning, I didn't have breakfast because there was sudden guests at the dining room, enjoying their breakfast. And what I could do was just stay at my room or help my mother taking care of the guests. I don't really like to have a meal while there's guest at the dining room, except people I know. It's such a awkward moment when you enjoy your meal and your unknown-guest is in front of you, talking with your mom or your dad. For some people, maybe it's just fine. For me, I'm totally not enjoying this moment. Usually, I enjoy my meal when they already leave my house.
   And due to this, my head is like a spinning coaster. I've got a terrible headache since this morning.

Little Things About Me

   This girl, named Retno Puspita Kadarman Wicaksono, or you can call her rerett or just rett or, if don't mind, Astro, is such a high dreamer. Yes, me. I'm a high dreamer. I always dream to be a successful woman in  the future and get what I really want, what I really need. It's just a simple fact about myself.

Welcome To April = Welcome To Hell

   I'm so grateful that I can bring my laptop back to its early place and being online. I've put it o my room for 2 weeks, to avoid me going online, lol. Well, I never can stand to not going online and write on my blog. I have sooo many stories to tell, but I have no time to do it. I really want to share about my birthday moment this year, but those HELLS are waiting and I have to be focus! Until I don't realize that it's already April. Hells are coming up and my willing to write on my blog is bigger and bigger. I've been so bored with all of those kind of try outs. National exam is two weeks later, and this week is my last week having try outs. TWO kinds of try outs on the same time.