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Saturday, 23 June 2012

I'm Coming To A Harder World

  When I tried to write it in English, well, I really have no idea how I tell you. But, then I opened my tumblr and tell everything here... in Indonesian. Sorry, I can't post Indonesian post here, except urgent and very important thing, hehe.
   Well, here we go. This is my story.

Monday, 18 June 2012

One of Forgotten Rules

   Actually, there's a book, small book. You can say it a note. I fill it with everything that came into my mind and my heart. Well, you can say it a diary. But... actually it's not.
   And I found something that is forgotten by me and him. What's that?
   Just a couple of silly rules.

Bully - Ignorance? Is that the same?

   I never experience being bullied. In my small town, Jember, bully is not a big thing just like in a big city. But here, just like you'll find out in big cities, you'll find so many groups or gaps or gangsters in a school. Sometimes they don't realize that they're grouping from other children. They just wanna close with some people they think have the same interests. It's normal.
   Sometimes they bully other children, but sometimes they can join nicely with other children. In my schools, they mingle with the others, but still they often gather in one group.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

When A Little Girl Said...

   As he wished, I won't tell you here about what exactly was going on with me, and him, some days ago. Because I heard so many bad rumor that we were... separated. YES! We were.

Monday, 4 June 2012

It's Not A Couple Mug, People!

   So, I made it neither for a common reason nor for a specific reason. First, it just came into my mind that I would give him a mug as his birthday gift. Then, I got envy with the design, so I made it for myself too. I designed it so simply, I didn't use so much colour, just white and black. And a little blue. I was inspired with the mug Ines, Dije, and Dian gave to me. In front, it was just a simple picture, and in its back, it was words. For me, it's simple, but really beautiful. So, I made my own design.
   At first, I searched a picture of stickman. Why do I choose stickman? Because they're cute. They're just made from line and line and line and square and circle and a bit round and a bit oval and sometimes triangle or other form. I searched the doctor stickman and it really took days to find a best one. After considering for a while, then I chose the doctor stickman!

Little Things About Him

   He's an ordinary boy with a lot of imagination.
   Loves watching anime so much. Well, he's like a kid. Like sleeping early on the night, but waking up too early in the morning, like a baby indeed.
   He likes smurf. Maybe he's a smurf. Well, I don't know. But he always speak 'smurf...smurf...'. Maybe, he is.
   He likes Chicken Noodle and Fried Rice.

   What else?

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Freedom Song

  I picture something is beautiful
It’s full of life and it is all blue
I’ve seen the sunset on the beach, yeah
It makes me feel calm, when I’m calm

My Song Playlist of The Month

   I found Jason Mraz new album! And I've downloaded it! And I'm so happy to listen to all of his new songs! Full of spirit. Love it much!
   And... yeah he's the one on my playlist. I played it all the time on my iTunes. It's been 27 times since it's been downloaded. The songs are so cozy, jazzy, and I like the atmosphere he create in his musics. Full of spirit, especially the lyrics. I listen to it over and over and I won't get bored. So amrazing! :D
   And here we are the songs!

Bye High School, Welcome University!

   Finally, I'm officially not a high school student on 26 May 2012! My scores are impressing me. When I was so optimist that I would got a perfect score for math and physics, the fact I don't so lucky. But, when I was so pessimist about my biology score, the fact I got the highest score for it. God, there're always surprises. Including who got the highest total score in my school. Everything is always unpredictable.
   My class went to Mrs. Eka's house to receive Surat Keterangan Lulus. And, alhamdulilah, all of students in SMASA are graduated. Mrs. Eka also told us some informations about the graduation, our scores, and some other informations.
   And on that night, Nuansa Biru was held.