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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Random Part 2

   Well, it's the last week of February 2011. Time runs so fast, doesn't it? And March is comiiing!! Oh, I really can't wait that month. I don't know whether it will be fun or not. Hope it will be soooo muuuccchh FUUUN!! It should be. Ha ha. Maybe all of you know what I mean. If you don't, so guess it!
   Those homeworks really kill me these days. I was so busy, so many tasks and activity to do. But I think I enjoyed it much. I really refer to be busy than do nothing at home. I'm not kind of quite girl who always stays at home, doea the houseworks, or just at my room and reading my magazine. No no no! That's not me! I'm a quite active girl who loves doing everything outside my house.

I Got A Chocolate

   How was your V-day, guys? Well, unfortunately I didn't celebrate it. So, I'm not that excited with that day.
   But, I got a chocolate from my bestfriend! It was duck in shape. Unfortunately, there wasn't rabbit in shape. --"
   And he wanted a reply on next 14 March. Ckck. But thank youuu, boy, for the chocolate! :D

Sunday, 13 February 2011


   ONCE MORE ! A song from Taylor Swift titled Ours. I like the lyrics. OMG, I think I LOVE every Taylor's songs! Wanna know the lyrics? Please check it out, guys!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


   Hi, how are you doing in this February? Well, I have so many tasks to do and I feel so tired. All the tasks came in the same time and had to be submitted also in the same time, while I onyl have a couple of hands, a couple of feet, and the most important, I only have a BRAIN to think and manage them ALL. Isn't that tiring? --"
   But this time I don't want to tell you about that. Here, I'd like to tell you that suddenly I like FRENCH! It's too sudden, actually. It's all because of one of my friend. She post a status in Dutch. So, I got an idea to do (almost) the same thing, but in French. And I think it's totally awesome! But until right now, I just know some of French words. And Google Translate helps me, though I have to get connected with internet to know some of words'meaning. Merci, Google. ;)
   And nooow, I gotta show you my French words (and still, I get the help from Google Translate. Hehe :p ). Please check it out.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Afraid (Takut)

ku tahu kamu bosan, ku tahu kamu jenuh
ku tahu kamu tak tahan lagi
ini semua salahku, ini semua sebabku
ku tahu kamu tak tahan lagi
(jangan sedih, jangan sedih
aku pasti setia)