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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Thanks God, YOU Bring Him To Me :)

   And, may I say, the last "problem" with him that started 2 weeks ago is the loonggeessst problem that we ever head. I was silent, so was he. I was disappointed, and so was he. I was angry, sadly, he was too. But we felt the same feeling because of different reasons. Maybe he did that because of my attitude that suddenly ignoring everything, including him. Also, my different reaction between when I met him and when we were texting, and I don't know what else. And I did that because his fault. We were on misunderstanding, also on miscommunication. I know and I'm so sorry that finally I can't do my promise, that I will tell him every problem about us, about everything. I know I'm such a hypocrite. But I have reasons and I've told him. I was so tired of being the first who tell what the problem is. Sometimes, I wanted him to ask me, and I was waiting for that moment. Because I didn't want to just tell everything on messages, I needed to tell it directly, somehow. And I also wanted to see how care he is with me because I've felt something wrong, something that is not totally him. I was afraid that there's a change in him, in his feelings. And I was afraid to lose, to feel falling again. I was not ready for that. So, I waited for a week. And finally, he texted me. Beg for apology. And I still couldn't say anything, say the reason. Until now, I haven't told why I did it to him. Why I was so disappointed to him. I guess, if he know why, he will laugh. But I think it's not that simple for being "fine".

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It Has Been So Him Lately

   Feels like I'm a super-duper-busy girl with hundreds of exams and tasks (too much). I have no time to post anything here. Usually, I just open it, check the stat, and leave it. I really wanted to share everything, but I couldn't find any right time to realize it. So, I think now is the perfect time.
   Btw, that's just a monologue.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Awkward Moment This Month

   It's been almost a week since I wrote my last post at this blog and also My Life My Story. The last moment when I wrote my post was when I felt such awkward feeling to my bf. Yeah, and now we're still okay. We're survive. And I don't want to think too much of it right now. At least, not in these situations.
   Btw, it's already February and my time in High School is getting shorter. February is a really wet month. I love it for some reasons and also hate it for other reasons.
   I've been vacuum because I had certification exams for 4 days, and it spent my most times. And I was not that fine. I was a bit rude, as usual, because I got boredom. Too much. And felt like I was dying with such boredom. Wanna read my story? Click here!