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Friday, 14 October 2011

Can I Tell You Something?

   I shouldn't open my blog and post this because I have to finish my papers for tomorrow. But, I couldn't stand anymore, so I just let my finger click 'New Post' once again. I'm just coming home from my course and still wear my T-shirt and my jeans when I write this. It's not important, by the way.
   So, I was a bit confused for titling this post. The topic is almost the same like my post a year ago, titled Unrequited Love. And absolutely I won't give the same title for this time.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Random Part 4

   Well, well, well. Tonight is once again my sad night. My mood is so rude and I have no spirit to do anything but Kimter Papers. But my friends haven't given me anything for their job. And it makes me sooo....UUUURRRRRGGGHHH, feels like I want to explode right now! How can I finish it soon if they can't be discipline?
   Yeah, I have had no mood since this morning.
   And hell yeah I really want to explode right now!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom...

The Differences Between Shinichi Kudo And My Boyfriend

   Well, suddenly I was like Mr. Archimedes who found the reason why water in his bath could fall into the ground when he was taking bath. I found an idea to post on my blog when I was taking bath. LOL
   And here the topic, as I wrote it as the title.
   Maybe, when you read the title, you'll find so many differences between both of them. Of course, Shinichi Kudo is an imaginary character and my boyfriend is a real man, not just an imaginary character. It's too common by the way. I need something more special that that differences. Wanna know? You may click 'Read More' to find it out. :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Detective Conan Addict....Is Me !

   I've been joining a fans club at Facebook. It's Conan Fans Club. It's the first and only fans club  that I join. I am a big... oh no, a HUGE fan of DC, especially the main character: SHINICHI KUDO.
   And if you're also a big fan of DC, you should 'Like' their page. They're awesome! You can find so many games, pictures, and anything to share. I like to wait for their quizzes. Sometimes only basic questions about DC, or sometimes, and it's the most I like, cases that have to be solved. I have no idea where they can find those cases!
   This morning, when I opened their page, I found so many unyu pictures from other fans of DC. They are really cute and some of them were downloaded and one of them become my wallpaper on my dekstop.
   Since I observed my stats of my blog, I know most of my readers like to open Happy Birthday Shinichi Kudo, so I decide to share pictures from that fan page. Check it out!

It's Not My Future

   After my long hibernation because of my businesses, finally I can post a blog. Aaa, I miss writing! But tasks always forbade me to open 'New Post' when I opened my dashboard, except 5 days ago. And now you can enjoy my writing. I think this post isn't really important to be read. But, I really wanna share my feelings I really feel these 2 days. And today is the 2nd day. I don't know how long this feeling will stay, but I hope when I already share it to you, it evaporates like smoke.
   I don't know I'll share it on facebook or twitter or not. Decision is in the end of this post.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Remember When...

   It's dedicated to a person who will celebrate the next age tomorrow. Happy birthday, Sunshine... :)