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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Random Part 6

   Well, have you read my recent post? You should read it, but I won't recommend you to guess what the meaning is. Lol. It's my very first time to post a poem (or maybe the abstract one) on my blog since I don't have any more idea to post on my blog, though I really want to.


   It's just another air that I breathe, another water that I drink, another world that I step
   'till I can't differ which is neverland and which is the real world
   Maybe it will come to you someday, but seems you don't realize
   Step aside, and look around
   Take a breathe, feel the air, you're gonna find your way back
   I'm now behind your back, and that's why you won't see me cry
   Like a shadow, I'm following you
   Listening to your deepest heart and I wanna put my hands on your shoulder

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Cukup Dari Sini

   Dia melemparkan bola merah itu ke arahku. Sedangkan aku masih belum sepenuhnya berdiri tegak. Dan, bola itu berhasil menimpuk kepalaku cukup keras. Dia mendatangiku sambil tertawa kecil dan berkata, "Maaf, maaf. Nggak sakit, kan?"
   Aku mengelus bagian kepalaku yang sedikit nyeri tanpa menjawab pertanyaannya. Bukan karena aku kesakitan, tapi karena aku tidak bisa. Karena sejujurnya, bukan hanya kepalaku yang sakit, tapi juga jantungku tak henti-hentinya berdetak keras.
   Dan dia bukannya menolongku, malah membawa bola itu dan pergi.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Longing In The Middle Of The Rain

   Well, I should consider first when I decided to study here, in Bogor. Known as Rainy City, here should be full of raining. Yep, it is. And everyday is so cloudy. I even can't see the stars here.
   But I enjoy my rainy day here, better than in Jember. Maybe because I can see the droplets from the window in front of me. Each time I enjoy the droplets drop from the sky, I feel so calm.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mr. Smurf - Kim - Me :)

Nothing to do and I got an idea to capture... three of us :)

Only with simple editing. Well, I'm terribly tired *hoahm* and dizzy.