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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Felt Time!

   I'm making felt! Oh, I can't believe it! I'm not a kind of girl who easily stand with needle and thread. And finally, I make a felt with those tools! :D #notimportantactually

Happy New Year, Retno !

   Yeah, it's my 17th. My new year (or new age).
   I was so excited because now I've been in the allowable age limit for have an ID card. But, should I be happy? Well, actually I'm not really ready to have an ID card, but if I don't have it, so I'm still not an Indonesian citizen. But I can say that I've still not registered yet.
   Okay, now stop discussing about ID card or something else.
   I'd really like to tell you about my day, 10 March 2011. What happened on that day and what presents I've got.

This Is My Story: An Inspirational Writer and The Next Sri Mulyani

   In 2030, when I'm a 37-years-old woman...

If God Gives Me A Chance To Choose Another Ability...

   The ability will be able to read everybody's mind. I will be a mind-reader. Why do I choose this ability?
    Well, I'm a curiosity girl. I really want to know what someone's thinking about. How am I in their sight. I'm not a kind of girl who always TRUST to everyone I know or even close.
   It's fun, especially when I know someone's secret. Ha ha ha. It's gonna be a bad idea. But who doesn't like to know someone's secret?

Podn's Or Pond's ?

   Is it really the original sponsor of one of cosmetic brand? If it is, why the name of the brand should be swapped??
   Or it's just a human-error?
   Well, I don't know about that. The most important is...I just wanna share it with you all!
   My friend found it accidently in a shop. And she showed it to me. And I captured it. He he.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Welcome to March !

   Welcome to March!
   Where we, lower grade students of high school, will have so many vacation times! (because the highest grade will have some examinations)
   Where there'll be rainy days!
   Where there'll be my day! =* LOL
   But I think I'll just take it easy.
   Well, honestly, think about March, I suddenly remember one year ago when my big brothers came to my house.