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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Hello, folks.

It has been a while since my last post and I'm kinda miss my blog so much. Well, it has been 2 years anyway, and for that long I hadn't logged in to my blogger account. I usually checked my blog stats, whether anyone still willing to visit this untouched blog. And I did it some time ago, and there were some viewers who visit this blog. Horee, thank you! ^^

As I checked my blog stat, I wondered whether I was still able to write a post or not, even if just a random one. So, here I am. If you, my loyal readers (if any), are wondering why I hadn't posted anything for the last 2 years, well, I would gladly to tell you the reason behind it (who cares anyway? lol).

Well, I had been through my final year as a college student. It began in the 2nd semester of 2015. I took a Research Methodology course which gave me hard times to arrange my proper final proposal. It gave me weekly writing assignment for the whole semester which was not an "ordinary" my type of writings. If I usually wrote something light, like short stories or articles, that time I should write scientific-ly. Means I had to collect data, chose more rigid words, collected facts, read journals. Kinda different with what I usually write here. And I faced a lil hard time to switch mode from easy-to-read and light writings to rigid and data-based writings. So, I decided to not writing any kind of blog, except my tumblr page that mostly came up from my super-tired mind, lol. I moved to tumblr for more that a year or since I started to write my final proposal.

As I got my weekly writing assignment, I found out that writing a scientific writing was some kind of soothing me. Yess, indeed. Basically, I love writing ANYTHING, so I found it neither hard nor annoying. Tiring? YES OF COURSE, but I mostly enjoyed it.

And, again, it troubled my usual writing skills.

During my thesis finishing, I joined an article writing conducted by Bank Indonesia and Koran Sindo. And I a lil bit hard to "adapt" the way I chose my words, from rigid to lighter one for an article. Beside, I had to catch up my thesis to be done as my supervisor gave me deadlines every week.

And I had hard times to take back my usual writing skills after my graduation. And  just trying now to write a post. So, I think that is all.

But as I not really often to go to my campus and catch any wifi signal, I think it's rather hard for me to post any blog here, since there is no blogger app in Google Play. Or if you have missed me so much (ciyee), you can find me on Tumblr.

By the way, I miss to write posts on blogger so much! So, I lately plan to create make unsual blog and still gathering the materials. Hope I can release it soon!

Wish you all have good days a head!

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