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Friday, 12 September 2014

A Letter To A Man

Dear Man,

   I really don't know what to tell you, how to thank you for everything you've been done in my whole life. And now you're getting older makes me have so many things to think about, especially how to keep struggling and maintaining my family with my own way. I know it hasn't been my turn yet, but my heart and my mind always say that it's your time to be independence and to think about your family.
   For once, I ever feel so sad that I'm struggling alone, all with myself. There's no brother or even sister that can replace me whenever I feel tired of struggling for the family. But, suddenly I realize that you've never been tired of struggling and running and climbing to reach the highest peak of the mountain, even the air is so much thinner at right where you are standing, in the highest peak on the mountain.

   Forty-seven is not a small number for an age. And seeing you like this, in this kind of young spirit that you always show off to the world, with so many achievements you've got, I feel so proud of you. I feel so happy that I know you in my whole life. And I feel so grateful that I can have you in my life. I do love you, Man. You're my number one man I love.

  I'm so sorry that maybe I don't even listen to you. And I'm very sorry for some of your ideas that can't never even match with what I believe. But, I always hope Allah always be beside you, keeping you healthy, keeping you safe, keeping your happiness and spirit to always burn, keeping you with all His best, everytime and everywhere.

   Dear Man,

   Happy Birthday. Barakallahu fii umrik. Wish you all the best. I love you.

  With all my love for you,

  Your little 20 y.o girl.

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